FVR ROLLIE™ Paperless Driptech™ Portable 20 TON Desktop Rosin Press 20R (5×7″ plates)


ROLLIE™ Paperless Driptech™ Rolling Portable 20Ton Desktop Rosin Press (FV20R)  with 5×7 plates

Professional, “daisy-chain” scalable solution for your LP scale solventless extraction needs

Made in Canada using USA hot rolled steel and LIFETIME warranty on frame

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FV Rosintech Rollie Features:

Made in Canada (USA rolled steel)

Innovative “rolling” feature enables press to easily roll over for #paperless driptech rosin production.

Solid one piece frame with LIFETIME WARRANTY

Ultra small benchtop footprint:  10″ x 17″ x H:16″

Machined, anodized alum. plates:  5″ x 7″  (min. 1.5″ thick)

2x 500w Dual stainless steel heating rods with external TC for super accurate, stable temperature control (2*250w+TC per plate)

Integrated 20 TON hydraulic ram (3/8″ standard coupler) with return springs

Magnetic mount digital dual temperature controller:

  • Dual color, dual line display in °F, easy to read, micro computer controlled
  • Dual magnetic mount easily attaches to the side of press for secure integration and clean look
  • Anodized aluminium case
  • Tiny controller footprint, only:  2.5″ x 4.5″ x 5.5″ 

SCALEABLE: Connect 2,3,4… Rollie machines to one single pump (electric pump recommended) for simultaneous operation. One person can operate multiple machines at the same time!

LIFETIME WARRANTY on frame, 1 year warranty on electronics and plates,  6 month on hydraulics.


High quality 10,000 psi mini electric hydraulic pump to power your rosin press, NO AIR COMPRESSOR REQUIRED

Pending stock availability style of pump may be different than shown. All electric hydraulic pumps offered will include these features:

10000 psi max pressure, single acting

Integrated pressure gauge

Electric solenoid valve with hand or foot controller

Comes with hose and couplers

*may be shipped empty and require filling with appropriate hydraulic fluid

Additional information

Weight 42000 g
Dimensions 25 × 43 × 40 cm
Optional Hydraulic Pump:

NO PUMP, 10,000PSI Hand Pump with Gauge, 10,000PSI Mini Electric Hydraulic Pump